Medical Laser Rental and Service Company has been providing surgical laser systems to the health care community in the Midwest for more than twenty years. Our rental staff has extensive experience in the clinical usage of the equipment and maintains continuing education through National conferences and yearly factory clinical certification. This allows us to offer more than just the delivery of equipment. In addition, Medical Laser has factory-trained service technicians that maintain the equipment to manufacturer specifications as well as providing technical service to customers that own their own laser systems.

      In recent years, Medical Laser has focused on the growing aesthetic market which many doctors have found to be a way to offset declining revenues from their medical practices. Laser aesthetic procedures such as hair removal and vascular lesion treatments are relatively easy, safe and effective. Medical Laser features a full line of Candela's laser systems, including the vascular lesion lasers, which have been the Gold standard for over 20 years. Also, Candela's GentleLase alexandrite system for hair removal, FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. These systems both feature Candela's proprietary Dynamic Cooling Device that makes the treatments less painful to the patient and provide superior clinical outcomes than competitive systems. Also, Medical Laser provides lasers of various wavelengths for the removal of multiple color Tattoos.

      For physicians wanting to get into the aesthetic market but are uncertain how to develop this practice, Medical Laser can help you with marketing suggestions, mailers and other materials. Medical Laser can also help you design a rental program that will match the growth of your practice so that your costs and commitment are contained.

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